Beginners guide to golf

A Beginners Guide to Golf

We've written this handy beginners guide to golf to help accelerate your golf game to the highest level possible based on your degree of dedication and perseverance.

The following is an explanation of the more general rules of golf and a summary overview of the game of golf.

Depending if you’re playing golf in a high level tournament or just with some friends from the office, the rules of play can be adjusted to be “tight” or “loose” as agreed by the players at the tee.
How To Play Golf For Beginners
The Game of Golf is a very exciting and strategic game that many people get addicted to and end up spending a lifetime trying to learn how to play golf better. Many go on to master the game of golf and play it at a very high level including the pro ranks.
Proper training and instruction along with lots of practice is required to correctly learn how to play golf. A High quality golf book including video instruction will greatly accelerate your golf skills.
Golf Guide

Golf Guide

beginners guide to golf
The Rules Of Golf – A Short Overview
This discussion of the rules of golf will encompass what is referred to as “stoke play”. Stroke play is how the majority of golf games are played where the player with the lowest score over an entire round wins.

For those who are brand new to the game of golf – the object of the game is to get your ball in the cup in the lowest number of strokes.
Score is kept by recording each players strokes per hole. Each time your club touches the ball it is counted as a stroke. The player with the lowest score (least number of stokes) wins the game.

Each hole is comprised of three elements, a tee box, a fairway, and a green. In addition to these three main elements are also “hazards” which include water, trees and sand traps. Hazards are sort of penalties for not hitting the ball straight.
Time To Tee Off
Many golf courses require that you make an appointment for a “tee time”. Some golf courses do not require appointments and will allow walk-ons where you just get in line at the tee box on a first-come first-served basis.

When it is safe and no is obstructing the path of your “drive” you can then “tee off”. The object is to drive the golf ball straight down the fairway as close to the green as possible. If you are lucky you can drive the ball right into the cup or a “hole in one”.

After each player in your group takes their turn at teeing off, the player whose ball lands furthest from the green goes next. Each player then takes their turn in an attempt to get their ball onto the green.

After each players ball reaches the green the flag is removed from the cup and the plays furthest from the cup “putts” first.
In some cases the player may have difficulty seeing the cup. In this case, they may ask to reinsert the flag to make the line to the cup more visible. The flag is then removed after the putt is initiated. After each player putt their ball into the cup it is on to the next hole.
How To Play Golf Tidbits
Tee boxes normally have “markers” to tell the players where they must tee the ball. Markers are used to allow the grass to regrow by moving the markers around on the tee box and also to add more or less of a degree of difficulty to the length of the drive.

Golf courses allow a maximum of 4 golfers per group. Before start of play the group decides on which rules they will follow. For example, what happens if a ball gets lost? Will that player be allowed to place a new ball on the course near the location of the lost golf ball.

What if a player hits a ball out of bounds. Are “mulligans” going to be allowed during the golf game. Mulligans or “do-overs” are common if a group of friends are playing but normally not allowed in tournament play. Basically, if a player hits a very bad shot off the tee that player is allowed to tee up another ball and try again. This normally occurs only on hole number one but can be whatever is agreed upon at the start of play.

As a reminder, it is important to actually “learn” how to play golf from a high quality book or by taking lessons and then practicing what you learned. By doing so, your level of enjoyment and success will be greatly accelerated. If you just go out and start swinging clubs around without first learning how to play golf you will probably not be very successful and thus not enjoy the game as it was meant to be enjoyed. Some sports can be learned by trial and error. However, golf is not one of those sports!
What is “Par”
Every hole on a golf course is given a “par”. Par is the number of strokes that you should take to get your ball in the cup. For example, a par 3 hole means the average player should be able to go from the tee to the cup in 3 strokes or “Par 3”.

If you “birdie” a hole that means you hit your ball into cup 1 stroke “under” par. Alternatively, if you “boogie” a hole that means you hit your ball into cup 1 stroke “over” par. Lastly, if you score an “eagle” on a hole that means you hit your ball into the cup 2 stroke “under”par.
Golf Etiquette
All players must remain silent whenever a player is setting up for their shot. In addition, all players must stand clear from being in front of the direction of the shot. Lastly, players must pay attention to the game and focus on when it is their turn.

If your ball is on the green and is between another players ball and the cup, you should pick up your ball and mark it’s location with a ball marker until the player has completed their putt.

Golf carts should never be driven onto the tee box or onto the green.

Periodically, while swinging their club a player may unearth a small section of dirt and grass when the club head contacts the ground and the ball at the same time. This is commonly referred to as a “divot”. That player should replace that section or “clump” of dirt and grass so the grass can re-root itself and blend back it with the surrounding grass.

Finally, it is proper to yell “Fore” if you hit an out of control golf shot in the direction of another golfer or a group of golfers.

I hope this beginners guide to golf has helped you understand some of the basics of how to play golf. For a more advanced 7 day e-Technique course sign up below. You’ll be glad you did!
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